Protecting Privacy in a Connected World: How to Build Ethics into IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in recent years, connecting everything from refrigerators to security cameras to our homes and everyday lives. While this connectivity creates opportunities, it also creates risks if devices are not designed and built with user privacy and security in mind. As IoT continues to grow rapidly, it’s important for … Read more

Balancing Innovation and Accountability: Why Ethics Matter for Tech Developers

We live in an era defined by technology. Software and apps are woven into nearly every aspect of modern life, from transportation and commerce to education, healthcare, and more. As developers, we have an immense responsibility and opportunity to shape the future through our work. However, with great power comes great responsibility. The choices we … Read more

How Tech Consulting Can Help Build a More Secure Future

As technology has become more integral to our daily lives and businesses, the threats presented by cybercrime have significantly increased as well. Every day, hackers target vulnerabilities to steal sensitive data and disrupt critical systems. While cybersecurity defenses have advanced in response, the challenges of securely navigating our digital world have never been greater. As … Read more

The Promise and Perils of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is rapidly advancing and being integrated into more aspects of our lives. While it promises convenience and enhanced security, it also raises serious privacy and civil liberties concerns that need open discussion. As with any emerging technology, we must thoughtfully consider both its benefits and risks to ensure it develops responsibly. Facial … Read more